noa vision led tv

32” N32LHO


Get ready to enrich the center of your living space with a new compact Smart TV, created to fit just about everywhere in your living space! Enjoy the enlarged screen with reduced edges & Anti Blue Light technology with better sound quality with a world-famous DOLBY AUDIO sound solution, proven in cinemas worldwide as the ultimate in high fidelity sound.


As the main display medium and entertainment carrier, most families choose to watch TV at night before going to bed, resulting in harmful blue light to the eyes. The longer the time, the greater the damage. Therefore, enough attention should be paid to the harm of blue light on eyes, especially on teenagers and children.

This NOA Vision device is equipped with 'Anti Blue Light' technology. We use special LED lighting that alters the spectrum of LED light and reduces harmful blue shortwave light, so that you could enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows without fear of harmful blue light.