NOA Element

Throughout history, many different cultures recognized the four elements which complemented each other, combining into a harmonious whole.

This inspired us to create the NOA Element line of mobile phones, where each device is created to enrichen your life.

NOA Rugged

A tough phone to match your independent lifestyle.

Today's phones are made for the average urban dweller, that is never far from the amenities of civilization. But for those who stray from the beaten path, options are limited, and devices often fail to meet the demands put on them by free-spirited users. In order to meet those demands, we present a new branch of NOA devices – NOA Rugged, aimed at those who need tough, reliable devices that will withstand even the harshest trials.

Core by NOA

In an age of increasing complexity, the importance of simple and reliable devices becomes as important as ever.

That's why we've introduced NOA CORE, our line of tried-and-true devices that will serve you for years to come.

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water symbol
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Four elements combining
into a harmonious whole

Burning passion

What are the things that drive us and give us a zest for life? The answers are as numerous as there are people in this world. But we can all agree that true passion comes from doing the things we love. We have poured our passion and love into NOA, carefully selecting every component to ensure that the resulting product is the reflection of our commitment to excellence.

Boundless space

To realize our potential, we must also realize our limits. Testing our boundaries is an unique experience that can change our lives for the better and help us improve ourselves and the world around us. NOA has been testing the boundaries of technology for the last 5 years, bringing new and innovative devices to the market every time.

Giving life

Mobile technology has changed the way we interact with other people and the world. We are now closer together than we were in the history of humankind. The awareness of this fact has shaped the design process of NOA mobile phones, which are designed to seamelessly integrate into your daily routine, making your life easier.


Always growing

All things, including ourselves, are full of potential. Harnessing that potential allows us to truly develop and grow as people.

NOA has come a long way from humble beginnings, coming into its own as a brand that contains a full spectrum of devices that have something for everybody

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5 years on market

50 different models

500 thousand users